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Lea Sekulić


Lea Sekulić is an artist from Rijeka, Croatia. Starting her creative journey in scenic arts and acting, she keeps developing her practice in a wider range of multimedia through which she explores new concepts of contemporary performance.

She aims to explore irrational and unknown parts of human being and put them into poetic conjunction through sonic, visual and live elements. Her work is inspired by unity through relation of micro and macro cosmos, body materiality and phenomenology. 


She is a co-founder of youth theater group “Teatar mladih Do daske”, she participated in numerous theatre, TV and film projects and currently seeks to develop her practice as autonomous artist and a member of floks' collective.

She attended various international workshops and masterclasses on physical and contemporary performance and presented her work internationally.

Having moved from her home town, she spent last few years traveling and living in different countries. 

Nevertheless, she is inspired by her rich cultural background in Balkans.