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This is an invitation for you.


Don't be afraid, enter into the sound.


The party started some time ago. How to get there?


Just follow the vibrations and sounds of six souls that reveal innocence, duplicity, generosity and calculation at the same time.


Please leave the crutches that supported your life in the wardrobe and sit down. It's time for dinner.

Eat our dreams. Swallow our own words.

Chew everything we love until it spoils.


Follow these stories into nothingness. Take polaroids.

Develop them.

Fix the past.


The scenario will already be different anyway. This party is for you.

This memory is for you.


Pour Toi: an immersive performance on toxic love.

Concept, Direction, Lights and space design by Paolo Panizza


Texts by Agnes Oberauer and Paolo Panizza


Dramaturg Agnes Oberauer


Sound Artist Stefano Mattozzi


Video Artist Juan Fran Cabrera


Assistant Director Edoardo Ferrari


With Lea Blau, Juan Fran Cabrera, Giulio Cagnazzo, Maya Libera Castellini, Manuel Macadamia and Marica Mastromarino.




Milan (Italy)
22 - 27 March, 2022


CPPM Manifestal

Tallinn (Estonia)

May, 2021