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Stefano Mattozzi is a Sound artist, electronic composer, Italian improviser and vocalist.

He finishes his Master's studies at the Conservatory of Music of Naples (Conservatory of Music of San Pietro a Majella) in Electronic Music in 2020, with full marks and honors. During his senior year or Master (2019-2020), he did one year of Erasmus studies at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater (EMTA), in Tallinn, Estonia.

The main research of him is linked to the use of the voice and sounds in all its potential and to discovery of all the contexts in which it can transform itself into something else. His main projects related to music are the alternative pop band called "Drakmah", his solo project "The Learning Panda" in which electronic elements and acoustic worlds merge, with the voice as the main junction point.

He is also part of the "OEOAS", an orchestra, based on the art of maieutics, live composition and improvisation. He is one of the founders and members of the S.U.N. and is part of the FLOKS theater company, in which he is in charge of research and sound.

His current research is about the connection between the human body and new technologies, and he focuses on it on the main intrinsic functions and mechanisms of the two worlds.

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