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International Multidisciplinary

Art Collective


      FLOKS is an international multidisciplinary art collective founded in January 2021 by Paolo Panizza, Maya Libera Castellini, Giulio Cagnazzo and Stefano Mattozzi.


        From the beginning, the collective started developing some projects internationally, gathering new artists until completing its workforces at the end of the year, with Agnes Oberauer (Austria), Lea Sekulic (Croatia), Juan Fran Cabrera (Spain), Marica Mastromarino and Edoardo Ferrari.


         The company is new but already debuted with two shows in Tallinn in May 2021: Pour Toi, by Paolo Panizza and Disembodied, under de direction of Lea Blau.






       FLOKS collective believes in overcoming barriers. In this art realm, genres are to be surpassed and so disciplines to blend as one. New ways of communication are to lead our path with adaptation as the key to an opening of new possibilities.  

       Among our collective’s lines are: people moving through the voice, gestural storytellers, bodies of sound, experiential explorers, physicality researchers… Humans in action and non-human bodies in action and connection. United by our diverse backgrounds, FLOKS’ members work together into the novelty of the understanding, exploring the contemporary towards possibilities of new landscapes.

       Our multidisciplinary nature allows our free movement through the different art fields. The focus on FLOKS’ uses of media is based on the only intention of achieving full commitment to the art creation. There is no place in our work for an extravagant use of media but for a well-crafted composition of elements aimed to function as an organism.

       FLOKS creates environments in which the qualities of the space, the concept, the aesthetics and the creative content are considered as a whole, making sense together and respecting each other. The physical space serves as a contact point between the different genres and media.

       We share our artistic outputs with our audience as a way to open the gates of our artistic research, aiming as well to inspire further explorations and generate conversation both within the artistic realm and with the audience in general.  

       We believe in social media being a part of our reality and therefore we search for ways for artistic expression within this realm. Our interactive aims are not limited to stages and venues but embrace new digital scopes, which we perceive as a powerful tool to expand the interest in arts. 
       FLOKS is an offer of awareness, a way of encoding the world, a giant magnifying glass that helps us to obtain a deeper image of where, when and what we live in.


       FlOKS Multidisciplinary Art Collective