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0nnam (Juan Fran Cabrera) is a multidisciplinary artist born in within Sierra Morena, Andalusia.


Music, performance, and visual art are the main fields where his work is developed, exploring new trans-disciplinary solutions to connect diverse fields out of the current genre system and its social limits. His artistic practice and work are currently focused on time-consciousness and the use of physical and virtual space, researching ways of implementing this approach into performance and installation.


From a very early age, Cabrera has been immersed in a wide range of art disciplines, such as painting, poetry, theater, and music. During his time in Spain, he was dedicated to the study of the visual arts, focusing on painting, photography, and graphic design. In 2016, he moved to Tallinn, Estonia, where he conducted his degree in Violin Performance, focusing on experimental music and improvisation.


Onnam has been performing actively during the last seven years in different countries of the European geography such as Spain, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, or Belgium. Currently, he is based between Tallinn, where he is carrying out his Master’s Degree in Audio-visual Composition, and Hamburg, studying in the Multimedia Composition program. As well, he is actively working with various collectives: Ensemble for New Music Tallinn, Nosoy trio, Uprooting Multidisciplinary Collective, and FLOKS International Multidisciplinary Art Collective. 


Together with the collaborations, he is currently carrying out a research project around the concept of Ma, focusing on ways how time and space have been used during the Japanese tradition as a trans-disciplinary link between the diverse art fields. Based on this idea, Cabrera is developing his main project, MANNXS, a series of installation events based on cross-field collaboration.