Associazione Culturale Floks - C.F. 97884270154 - Sede legale in Milano  - E-mail: info@floks.eu



Floks, from the ancient greek: flame. Fire.

The first great discovery: the beginning of civilization.

A resource and a weapon at the same time.

Floks - Theatrical Company and Cultural association - comes to life at the beggining of January 2021: it's rooted in classical and ancient tradition - where fire itself has been the cradle of myths, rites and cults - but strives for new forms of contemporary theater and performance.

As fire spontaneously regenerates itself while always binge faithful to its identity, we aspire to give a new life to ancient topos, studying the relationship between sound and action.


Floks was founded in 2021 by Paolo Panizza, Maya Libera Castellini, Giulio Cagnazzo and Stefano Mattozzi.

Members of the team are also Agnes Oberauer and Lea Sekulic.


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